How much will my construction cost?

It is difficult to price your project without knowing the details. Every project is different. MMB Construction will detail your project with costs and full understanding of the finished project and timeline. There will be no surprises.

   How can I make sure my project is completed quickly?

During the building process, we have to know what you want. This includes things the plans do not show us such as:

*   Paint
*    colors
*    textures
*    Roof
*    other items pending on the project type.
*    Be assured we will work with you at every step to insure you have the completed project you want.

   Can MMB Construction help with plans?

MMB Construction can assist you by drawing plans. We are not an architectural firm, however, we do work closely with several architects as well as landscape architects and interior designers.

   Do I have to get permits or other paperwork?

MMB Construction will be happy to pull all necessary permits and paperwork necessary for your project. We are a turnkey solution so in most cases, we prefer to handle all permitting. Most of the time, we will save you money and time on the project.

   What is the difference between cost plus and fixed price new home contracts?

There are two basic ways to price a home. One is cost plus. The alternative is fixed price.

   1.- Cost Plus

With this scenario the builder tracks the actual cost and then adds his markup (typically 15%  to 20%). Cost plus contracts are easier for builders because there is no estimating to do nor is there any incentive to save the home buyer any money with competitive shopping. Although there is not an incentive for a builder to save money with cost plus, please be assured MMB Construction will do everything possible to ensure the best possible price no matter how we bid it.  We give competitive bids just like our fixed priced projects and pass the savings on to our customers.

   2.- Fixed Price

A fixed price contract is basically a contract that states the builder will build your project for a pre-agreed upon price. It provides allowances for items that might vary such as appliances, carpets, cabinets, et cetera. If you go over or under on your allowances, the fixed price is adjusted accordingly. Usually, there are agreements to adjust the price if there is a large change in materials (such as after hurricane Katrina).

MMB Construction will price your project either way you choose. In either case, we will ensure the best possible price.

   How does cost plus and fixed price work for remodeling jobs?

Interestingly, in the case of home remodeling, it is usually to the owner's advantage to have a cost plus contract over a fixed price contract. In the case of Cost Plus, the builder is not forced to guess what hidden damage may lie below the surface. The builder can give a relatively firm price that does not include any unknown problems, however, very few remodeling jobs don't have hidden damage that needs to be addressed.   The only way a builder can protect himself with a Fixed Price bid on a remodeling job is to guess what damage might be encountered and charge for it. The builder has to guess high or risk losing money if serious damage is encountered. If more damage is uncovered than the builder guessed, he either has to 1) change his price, 2) lose money by fixing it or 3) do a cheap job "fixing" the damage. None of these are good choices for the customer. MMB Construction will remodel your project at the very lowest cost. We will bid it either way. You can be assured we will do the best possible remodeling job for the best possible price.


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